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Plan Area Designation

Here are more details of the process to designate the boundaries for the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan working party and the Parish Council decided to use the Parish Council boundaries as the proposed designated area for the plan. This was because the issues facing the neighbouring villages and their requirements for the future were different to ours. A six week Consultation ran from 19 November until 31 December 2014.

Letter to ECDC to apply for designationDesignation area map and Designation Consultation Poster.

A significant numbers of organisations replied to the consultation and their responses are listed here:

Cambridgeshire County Council response

Norfolk County Council response

Sport England response

Natural England Response

Coal Authority response

Environment Agency Response

Anglian Water response

Drainage Board response

English Heritage response

Marine Management organisation response

East Cambridgeshire District Council considered Sutton Parish Council’s application to designate a Neighbourhood Area at their meeting on 8 January 2015.

ECDC Report on Designation

The District Council approved the Parish Council’s application at the meeting and confirmed the decision in writing.

ECDC Letter to confirm designation