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Sports, Recreation and Leisure

What this topic involves for us in Sutton – How do you use your free time? There are ways to keep activities within the village by establishing facilities which suit the needs of different groups and ages, clubs and activities. When developing facilities for programmes and services, whether for sport and recreational use or for leisure time and activities, one approach would be to share facilities to meet the varying needs of members of Sutton. This group is enabling the village to promote individual well-being and to have a positive impact on the overall health of future generations.

The following list represents the key sport and recreation issues that were identified during the course of the Launch Event on the 3rd October 2015. Please note that some of the issues set out below may conflict as they are based on the correlation of views received from individual residents. Also please note there may be duplication of issues raised between different topic areas:

Issues that may adequately be covered by neighbourhood planning policy:

  • Provision of additional open space and built facilities to accommodate expansion of both existing and potential local sports clubs for both adults and the youth of the village ;
  • Consideration of providing a larger all-weather sports pitch facility with potential for shared use with local school
  • Engagement in the shaping of the indicative planning framework for provision and significant extension of sport and recreation fields and built facilities on land to North of The Brook ( and as indicated in the Local Plan as suitable for this purpose )
  • Protection and retention of existing open space and sports pitches;
  • Provision of additional children’s play facilities and play equipment as a part of new developments;
  • The potential relocation of the Scout Hut and associated facilities;
  • Provision of a skate park at an accessible location within the village; and
  • Encouragement of use of the countryside as a source of recreation through enhanced walking and cycling links into and out of the village.

Issues that should be followed up by the Parish Council as community actions:

  • Encouragement of provision of and participation in mix gender and ability sports clubs;
  • Review of the cost to rent local sports facilities for use;
  • Maintenance of local facilities (vandalism, dog fouling, litter, renewal of old pieces of equipment);
  • Consideration of provision of a designated area for dog walkers clearly separated from sports field areas;
  • Provision of annual report on the availability and activities of the wide range of clubs, societies and community groups that are available for all age groups in the village;
  • Consideration of whether the umbrella grouping of U3A should be encouraged.
  • Giving consideration of the Old Rec for wider informal recreation and wildlife
  • An assessment of how the Parish Council could use money received from development to prioritise and implement local initiatives such as those listed in the Sutton Vision section of the Local Plan; and
  • Encouragement of greater usage of the multi-use games area (MUGA).
  • Working with the OWLPS project to provide interpretation board(s) and leaflets.