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Our starting point was consideration of “what issues matter most” to residents in the village. Following on the consultation event in October 2015, we were able to crystallize “issues that mattered” into a report. These were then discussed and grouped for convenience into six topics:

We went on to distinguish those issues which it was possible to consider as relevant to the formation of a Neighbourhood Plan from those that were felt to be more appropriate for the Parish Council to take up once the Neighbourhood Plan was in place. This second list will help guide the Parish Council in formulating their longer term strategy of best utilising additional finance that could be forthcoming from the Community Infrastructure Levy ( CIL).

The lists of issues for the Neighbourhood Plan formulation can be found from the links under the Topics heading at the top of this page. The full report is available here.

The Vision

From the consultation feedback the Working Party drafted a short Vision for the village which reads as follows:

Sutton should be a Parish where its unique character is appreciated and cherished, the quality of the environment is maintained and continues to improve, the opportunities presented to all, young and old, to live and prosper continue to be enhanced, and the life led by its residents remains a healthy and happy one.

The Objectives

The Working Party were then also able to formulate seven Objectives, including one for each Topic area:

  1. The important habitats and natural assets of the Parish should be protected and strengthened and, where appropriate, opportunities for their enjoyment by residents should be enhanced;
  2. All new development should be focussed on the way it can best meet the needs of the residents of the Parish, young and old;
  3. New housing should be delivered in a way that ensures it is supported by essential community infrastructure and that ensures the character of the village, in particular the central core and conservation area, is retained and, wherever possible, enhanced;
  4. Existing shops, services and community infrastructure should be protected and supported by the policies of the Plan to ensure that Sutton remains a thriving and fully inclusive rural community;
  5. Small businesses and the opportunities provided to the local workforce should be supported and strengthened through a positive approach to rural diversification and enterprise;
  6. All new development to be delivered in a way which facilitates improvements for pedestrians and cyclists alongside adequate vehicular access and where possible promotes public transport links.
  7. The retention, provision and productive use of open space and leisure facilities in and around the village should be secured wherever reasonably possible;

The next stage of our Neighbourhood Plan formulation is to produce a draft set of Policies that help further refine the Sutton community’s aspirations and provide guidance to applicants and the District Council Planners on future planning applications across the village.