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Making the decision to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan

In 2014 with the Parish Plan 2008-2012 out of date the Parish Council decided to investigate the process for creating a Neighbourhood Plan due to the benefits offered.

Planning the way forward

Various preparatory steps were then taken. A meeting was held with a representative from a local Parish Council who had already made considerable progress in preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. Contact was also made with East Cambridgeshire District Council to make them aware of our plans and to discuss how best to work with them.

Designating the Neighbourhood Area

The next stage was to designate the boundaries for the Neighbourhood Plan. After some consideration the decision was made to use the Parish Council boundaries as the issues facing the neighbouring villages and their requirements for the future were different to ours. A six week Consultation ran from 19 November until 31 December 2014. The District Council  approved the Sutton Parish Council’s application to designate a Neighbourhood Area at their meeting on 8 January 2015.

More details of the designation consultation and decision can be found here: Plan Area Designation details.

Gaining the views of residents

  • A survey was distributed to all houses in the village in January 2015. This provided residents with their first real opportunity to contribute to the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • An Open Forum was held on 19 February 2015 at which residents had the opportunity to hear about the results of the survey and to learn more about Neighbourhood Plans in general.
  • An Open Day was held at the Glebe on Saturday 3 October 2015 aimed at gathering information from residents for the purpose of formulating the Vision, Aims and Objectives for the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • A second survey was held in January 2016. The purpose of this was to provide residents with the opportunity of commenting on the proposed objectives that came out of the Open Day.
  • A Business Forum was held at the Elean Business Park on 19 May 2016 to gain the views of local businesses on what we require for the future.
  • A set up draft policies were developed and published in July 2016 in the Parish Council Summer Newsletter and on the Neighbourhood Plan website with an online survey used to collect feedback.

More details of the consultations that have taken place can be found here: Details of Consultations.

What stage is the Plan at now?

The Neighbourhood Plan Working Party has been reviewing residents’ feedback on the draft policies and engaged a planning consultant to provide expert input. The working party is expected to published a finalised set of policies in November.

The next stages

On completion of the Plan there will then be a 6 week Consultation before it is submitted to the local authority for independent examination. The Consultation period will provide residents with the opportunity to comment on the Plan at this stage. If the Plan is found to be satisfactory the local authority will arrange for a referendum to take place. Residents on the electoral register will be entitled to vote.


At this stage we are estimating completing the Plan by April 2018.