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Sutton Parish Council

Parish and Town Councils (Local Councils) are types of local authority who have a specific range of statutory powers which they may exercise if they wish to do so. Local Councils are incorporated bodies, established by legislation in 1894, Sutton Parish Council has been in existence since this time.

Sutton Parish Council has 15 seats made up of elected and co-opted members (At the time of writing there are vacant seats on the Council). Decisions of the council are made by a Committee with delegated powers, or by Full Council. Finances are raised from a number of sources including grants, community infrastructure levy, but in the main it is by way of a Precept, which is a statutory power to raise taxes from the local council’s electorate.

There are some statutory duties that a local council is subject to because it is a public body. The range of statutory powers can relate to allotments; bands and orchestras; parking places; boating pools; burial grounds and cemeteries; street furniture; cinemas; play areas and public open spaces; sports and community facilities; lifesaving appliances; markets and Neighbourhood Planning, just to name a few. Further details on the work of Sutton Parish Council can be found on its website at


Sutton’s Neighbourhood Plan

The Government introduced a new system of development plans and within the planning framework parish councils are being encouraged to produce their own Neighbourhood Plans enabling the local people to have a say in how their neighbourhood grows and develops. Once adopted there are also financial benefits with more funds being made available through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) to improve local facilities and infrastructure.

In a designated neighbourhood area which contains all or part of the administrative area of a town or parish council, the town or parish council is responsible for neighbourhood planning.

Sutton Parish Council is producing a Neighbourhood Plan which will be made up of a series of documents.

A parish council should work with other members of the community who are interested in, or affected by, the neighbourhood planning proposals to allow them to play an active role in preparing a neighbourhood plan. In order to do this, the parish council set up a working party. The Neighbourhood Plan working party is made up of members of the parish council, local residents, district and county councillors and the parish clerk.

On behalf of the parish council the members of the working party help to promote the plans to the wider community, encourage residents to comment on draft proposals, connect communities, local business, schools and service providers and liaise with planning consultants and the local authority.

The Working Party

The members of Sutton’s Neighbourhood Plan working party are as follows (As at January 2022):

  • Rosie Hughes, clerk to Sutton Parish Council
  • Mark Inskip, chairman of Sutton Parish Council
  • Lorna Dupré, district and county councillor
  • Colin Stevens, parish councillor
  • Shelagh Partington, parish councillor
  • Brian Watson, parish councillor
  • Bob Harker, parishioner

    Previous members of the Sutton’s Neighbourhood Plan working party are as follows:

  • Allen Marking, parish councillor
  • Keith Brownell, parish councillor
  • Stan Smith, parish councillor
  • Lisa Stubbs, district councillor

Working Party Meeting Minutes

Each meeting of the working party is minuted and those minutes are presented to the Parish Council full council minutes. The full set of minutes is here: Working Party Meeting Minutes