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Business, Retail and Employment

What this topic involves for us in Sutton – Sutton is home to a high number of employers and business types, ranging from self-employed individuals working from their own homes through to the larger businesses based at the Elean Business Park. Nationally there is an expectation that our rural areas will contribute towards a greater slice of the economy, through rural enterprise and innovation and through policies and strategies enabling our rural-based businesses to flourish. Are there any key issues in the Parish that present a restraint on business growth? Conversely, are there any business types that aren’t suitable for a village or parish such as Sutton? What is needed to ensure the Parish remains prosperous?

The following list represents the key business, retail and employment issues that were identified during the course of the Launch Event on the 3rd October 2015. Please note that some of the issues set out below may conflict as they are based on the correlation of views received from individual residents:

Please note: some of these issues may be replicated under the sport, recreation and leisure and local services and amenities section.

Issues that may adequately be covered by neighbourhood planning policy:

  • Retention of the existing range of shops, services and facilities in the village, along with the encouragement of new businesses that broaden the village’s offer;
  • Encouragement of a greater range of shops and businesses;
  • Protection of community services, facilities and amenities;
  • The value and encouragement of, as well as support provided to, small businesses in the Parish;
  • Encouragement of the reuse of vacant units of the Elean Business Park;
  • Provision of small business units to encourage workers based at home to grow their enterprise;
  • Ease of access to local shops and businesses by a means of transport;
  • Increasing the ability for people to both live and work in Sutton; and
  • Facilitate greater access of future local businesses to high speed connections such as superfast broadband.

Issues that should be followed up by the Parish Council as community actions:

  • Promotion of, and the encouragement of, local use of local small businesses based in Sutton;
  • Greater engagement with local small and medium sized businesses to identify their needs and provide details of where advice and business support is available through developing a relationship with Enterprise East Cambridgeshire (the Local Authority’s economic development unit.)
  • Promotion of The facility for local networking between small and medium sized business owners and entrepreneurs;
  • The provision of superfast broadband throughout the village;
  • Encouragement of local businesses to link up with surrounding colleges and places of training. Identify and promote Work Placement and Apprenticeship schemes ; and
  • The creation of a village directory of small businesses.
  • Encourage protection of the village pubs , together with recognising the active role that Sutton British Legion and Sutton Conservative Club play in the Sutton Community ; (NB Transferred from Local Services)