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Traffic and Transport

What this topic involves for us in Sutton – This topic deals with all issues concerned with traffic and transport. Traffic may include issues related to speeding traffic, traffic congestion, traffic management, parking or lorries in Sutton. Transport issues could include provisions for pedestrians, cyclist or bus services in Sutton.

The following list represents the key traffic and transport issues that were identified during the course of the Launch Event on the 3rd October 2015.

Issues that may adequately be covered by Neighbourhood Planning policy:

  • The retention and enhancement of local footpaths and cycle ways, including the provision of new routes;
  • Linking new development to existing shops, services and amenities;
  • Provision of adequate off-street parking to serve new development; and
  • Adequate pick up and drop off points at new traffic generating uses.
  • Ensuring safe and well planned access routes by vehicle and on foot or cycle are provided from the new housing development and its community facilities to the rest of the village and out into the surrounding rural area.

Issues that to be followed up by the Parish Council as community actions:

  • Provision of a better public transport service through liaison with transport operating companies and the county and district councils:
  • Traffic management measures, including traffic calming, safer pedestrian crossing facilities and junction improvements; – Already being progressed by the Parish Council’s Traffic Management & Environmental Enhancement Working Party
  • Routing of and restrictions to the movements of HCVs – Already being progressed by the Parish Council’s TMEE Working Party as well as through the Joint Parishes HCV group  Local police enforcements on the roads;
  • Street lighting and highways maintenance; – Primarily through lobbying the County Council
  • Longer distance footpaths and cycle ways linking the village to towns such as Ely and Chatteris; – Together with other Parish Councils and the County Council

Issues that the Parish Council is unlikely to be able to progress:

  • Implementation of major new road schemes, such as a bypass for Sutton
  • Significant additional parking in private residential areas